You can get involved in the GeoNetwork project by signing up for a mailing list or finding us on Gitter and StackExchange.


GeoNetwork has a gitter channel that you can join.

This channel replaces the previous IRC. For a history of previous activity on the IRC channel, search the archives.


GIS StackExchange is the only official place to ask for GeoNetwork support, using the geonetwork tag.

Questions that help discover bugs should lead to the creation of bug reports in the GitHub issue tracker.


The GeoNetwork GitHub issues tracker is where all bug reports and feature requests should be done.

There are templates for both uses that needs to be followed in order to facilitate reproduction (for bugs) or assessment (for features).

Please note that anyone creating an issue is considered responsible for maintaining activity on it, at least while no contributor has been specifically assigned to it. This can for example be done by pinging community members, providing additional information or suggesting fixes.

Issues with no activity in the last 6 months will be automatically closed. If an issue is really important to you, please help us look for funding to work on it.

Mailing list

The GeoNetwork mailing lists provide a public place for ongoing discussion about the project. Please note: Mailing lists are not intended for support.

Find instructions on signing up for the users or developers lists on the pages below:

  • For users:

  • For developers:


Make sure you are subscribed to the mailing list prior to posting, posts from unsubscribed people are rejected with no notification sent to the mailing list administrator.

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