Project Steering Committee (PSC)

The GeoNetwork Project Steering Committee (PSC) makes decisions on GeoNetwork opensource project issues.

In brief the committee votes on proposals on the geonetwork-dev mailinglist. Proposals are available for review for at least two days, and a single veto is sufficient to delay progress though ultimately a majority of members can pass a proposal.

Members of the Project Steering Committee

  • Emanuele Tajariol
  • Florent Gravin
  • Francois Prunayre
  • Jeroen Ticheler - Chair
  • Jesse Eichar
  • Jose Garcia
  • Simon Pigot
  • Jo Cook

Former members of the PSC

  • Andrea Carboni
  • Archie Warnock
  • Patrizia Monteduro


Committers list is available here for the core team and here for the documenter team.

  • Emanuele Tajariol
  • Craig Jones
  • Florent Gravin
  • Francois Prunayre
  • Jeroen Ticheler
  • Jose Garcia
  • Maria Arias de Reyna
  • Juan Luis Rodriguez Ponce
  • Olivier Guyot
  • Pierre Mauduit
  • Simon Pigot
  • Paul van Genuchten
  • Antonio Cerciello


Contributors list is available here.

The documentation

The documentation was written by the GeoNetwork opensource developers and other community members.