Describiendo información

Esta sección describe cómo usar recursos del catálogo. Primero el usuario debe escoger el estándar a utilizar. En general, se suelen seguir estas normas:

  • Dublin core usually used for opendata portal, referencing publication, report, …
  • ISO 19115/119/139 used for spatial resources (eg. datasets, services, maps)
  • ISO 19110 used for feature attribute table

The editor form provides uploading of data, graphics, documents, pdf files and any other content type. It supports among other:

  • full standard support
  • multilingual metadata editing,
  • validation system,
  • suggestion system to improve metadata quality
  • geopublication of layers to publish geodata layers in OGC services (eg. GeoServer)

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Based on user profiles (see Creando usuarios), a dashboard provides easy access to their informations and tasks.