Recolección de Sistema de Ficheros Local

Este recolector recolectará los metadatos desde ficheros XML de un sistema de ficheros disponible en la máquina donde está instalado GeoNetwork.

Añadir un Recolector (Harvester) del Sistema de Ficheros

The figure above shows the options available:

  • Site - Options about the remote site.

    • Name - This is a short description of the filesystem harvester. It will be shown in the harvesting main page as the name for this instance of the Local Filesystem harvester.
    • Directory - The path name of the directory containing the metadata (as XML files) to be harvested.
    • Recurse - If checked and the Directory path contains other directories, then the harvester will traverse the entire file system tree in that directory and add all metadata files found.
    • Keep local if deleted at source - If checked then metadata records that have already been harvested will be kept even if they have been deleted from the Directory specified.
    • Icon - An icon to assign to harvested metadata. The icon will be used when showing harvested metadata records in the search results.
  • Options - Scheduling options.

  • Harvested Content - Options that are applied to harvested content.

    • Apply this XSLT to harvested records - Choose an XSLT here that will convert harvested records to a different format.
    • Validate - If checked, the metadata will be validated after retrieval. If the validation does not pass, the metadata will be skipped.
  • Privileges - Assign privileges to harvested metadata.

  • Categories


  • in order to be successfully harvested, metadata records retrieved from the file system must match a metadata schema in the local GeoNetwork instance