Recolección WEBDAV

Este tipo de recolector usa el protocolo WebDAV (Distributed Authoring and Versioning) o WAF (web accessible folder) para recolectar metadatos de un servidor web- Puede ser útil para usuarios que quieren publicar sus metadatos a través de un servidor web que ofrezca la interfaz DAV. El protocolo permite extraer los contenidos de la página web (un listado de ficheros) junto con su fecha de modificación.

Añadir un Recolector (Harvester) de WebDAV

  • Site - Options about the remote site.

    • Subtype - Select WebDAV or WAF according to the type of server being harvested.
    • Name - This is a short description of the remote site. It will be shown in the harvesting main page as the name for this instance of the WebDAV harvester.
    • URL - The remote URL from which metadata will be harvested. Each file found that ends with .xml is assumed to be a metadata record.
    • Icon - An icon to assign to harvested metadata. The icon will be used when showing search results.
    • Use account - Account credentials for basic HTTP authentication on the WebDAV/WAF server.
  • Options - Scheduling options.

  • Options - Specific harvesting options for this harvester.

    • Validate - If checked, the metadata will be validated after retrieval. If the validation does not pass, the metadata will be skipped.
    • Recurse - When the harvesting engine will find folders, it will recursively descend into them.
  • Privileges - Assign privileges to harvested metadata.

  • Categories


  • The same metadata could be harvested several times by different instances of the WebDAV harvester. This is not good practise because copies of the same metadata record will have a different UUID.