Digital Object Identifier (DOI)


DataCite API is used to create DOI. Configure the API access point in the admin console > settings:


A record can be downloaded using the DataCite format from the API using: http://localhost:8080/geonetwork/srv/api/records/da165110-88fd-11da-a88f-000d939bc5d8/formatters/datacite?output=xml

Creating the DOI

Once configured, DOI can be created using the interface. DOI is created on demand. It means that a user must ask for creation of a DOI. When created, the task is notified by email to the reviewer of the group (by default, can be configured for administrator only).


The task is assigned to a specific user. An optional due date and comment can be defined:


After submission of the task, the task owner is notified by email (if the mail server is configured, see admin console > settings). The task can then be resolved in the admin console > information > versionning section.

For DOI creation, the task is a 2 steps actions:

  • First check if all prerequisite are covered (below the record is not valid in DataCite format)

The DataCite format requires some mandatory fields:

  • Identifier (with mandatory type sub-property)

  • Creator (with optional given name, family name, name identifier and affiliation sub-properties)

  • Title (with optional type sub-properties)

  • Publisher

  • PublicationYear

  • ResourceType (with mandatory general type description subproperty)

See for more details on the format.


A DOI may already be assigned for a record:


In such case the DOI needs to be removed first.

  • After validation, create the DOI


The DOI is then added to the metadata record:



The REST API allows to access the DOI related operations:


The check preconditions API returns exception if one of the pre requisite is not met:

  • DataCite API is not configured

  • Record is not public

  • Record already has a DOI

  • Record is not valid for DataCite (ie. XSD errors returned by DataCite XSD validation)


When a DOI is created, the response return the following details:


The DOI is added to the metadata record using the following encoding: