Installing Solr

If users want to analyze WFS data (See Analyze and visualize data), a Solr <> instance can be installed next to the catalog.

Manual installation

Download Solr from and unzip the file.

cd solr/solr-config
tar xvfz solr-6.0.0.tgz

Manually start and stop Solr using:

solr-6.0.0/bin/solr start -c -p 8984

Then create the default collection:

solr-6.0.0/bin/solr create -p 8984 -c catalog_srv -d src/main/solr-cores/catalog

Stop Solr using

solr-6.0.0/bin/solr stop

Install using maven

Running from the source code, use maven to download Solr and additional libraries.

cd solr/solr-config
mvn install -Psolr-download
mvn install -Psolr-init
mvn exec:exec -Dsolr-start

To stop Solr when using maven, simply stop the process as Solr is started in foreground mode.

Check Solr installation

Access Solr admin page from http://localhost:8984/solr.

Configure Solr connection

Update Solr URL in `WEB-INF/` and restart the application (see source file web/src/main/webResources/WEB-INF/