Configuring for the INSPIRE Directive

Enabling INSPIRE

From the admin console > settings user can configure INSPIRE directive support.

When enabled, the INSPIRE support activate the following:

  • Enable indexing of INSPIRE themes and annexes (INSPIRE themes thesaurus MUST be added to the list of thesaurus - see Managing thesaurus).
  • CSW GetCapabilities includes the INSPIRE section (ie. ExtendedCapabilities) that administrator can customize in xml/csw/capabilities_inspire.xml and response support language extensions. The language provided defines:
    • Natural language fields are returned in the language requested (see Configuring CSW)
    • The end-points are returned for the language requested
  • INSPIRE search panel Add INSPIRE criteria in the advanced search panel (eg. Annex, INSPIRE theme)

Deprecated since version 3.0.0.

INSPIRE validation


Add details about INSPIRE validation


Add details about IR INSPIRE guidelines

INSPIRE access point

Most of the time, part of the metadata records contains in the catalog are related to the Directive. In that case, it may be relevant to identify the set of records falling in the scope of the Directive and promoting them through a simple virtual discovery service (CSW).

First defined an encoding method to identify the records in the scope of the directive. Well used method are:

  • Create a group INSPIRE and publish those record in that group (or a category).
  • Add a specific keyword in the metadata record (the main drawback here is that this keyword is more for managment purpose and will be exchange when the record is harvested).

Once all the records are classified following the selected method above, Create a virtual CSW (eg. csw-inspire) which filter automatically on those records.


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