Les auteurs

Comité de pilotage (PSC)

The GeoNetwork Project Steering Committee (PSC) makes decisions on GeoNetwork opensource project issues.

In brief the committee votes on proposals on the geonetwork-dev mailinglist. Proposals are available for review for at least two days, and a single veto is sufficient to delay progress though ultimately a majority of members can pass a proposal.

Les membres du comité de pilotage

  • Emanuele Tajariol
  • Francois Prunayre
  • Jeroen Ticheler - Chair
  • Jesse Eichar
  • Jose Garcia
  • Patrizia Monteduro
  • Simon Pigot

Les anciens membres

  • Andrea Carboni
  • Archie Warnock

Les committers

Committers list is available here for the core team and here for the documenter team.

Les contributeurs

Contributors list is available here.

La documentation

The documentation was written by the GeoNetwork opensource developers and other community members.